ProspertTree PLC . Ξεκινά το ταξίδι στη Ν.Ε.Α. του Χρηματιστηρίου Αξιών Κύπρου.

ProsperTree PLC begins its journey in the N.E.A. of the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

On Monday, June 26, 2023, the commencement of trading of ProsperTree PLC stocks was scheduled on the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE), following approval from the Cyprus Stock Exchange Administrative Board for the listing of 500,000 common shares with a nominal value of €0.10 each.

The stock will have the ISIN code CY0200560718, and the trading symbols (ticker symbols) in Greek and Latin will be “ΠΡΟΣΠΕΡ” and “PROSPER,” respectively.

The Greek-interest company consists of individuals with a business and investment background, aiming to leverage their experience in investments and business development with a primary focus on:

  • Establishing and operating Paulownia and Eucalyptus tree plantations for the production of valuable hardwood timber.
  • Utilizing by-products for biomass, as the leaves contain a high percentage of nitrogen and can be used as animal feed, soil amendment, and substrate for cultivating nutritious crops for animal feed production.
  • Producing animal feed since the leaves are rich in proteins reaching up to 20%, with nutritional value similar to clover and 60% digestibility, while the quantity of amino acids relative to total protein content is high and of good quality.
  • Beekeeping, as abundant and intense flowering is a significant parameter in honey production, which can reach up to 700 kg per hectare annually.
  • Perfumery.
  • Producing carbon credits for trading on international markets.

The plantations will be located on lands that the company will exploit through long-term leases. Over the ten-year business cycle, these lands are expected to cover a total area of approximately 5,000 hectares or more, depending on demand, and will consist of autonomous, non-contiguous, and independent units in Greece and neighboring countries.

A key element of the business plan is that ProsperTree will receive a one-time amount from customers for the installation, management, and development of each tree until the end of the ten-year cycle. This amount will include the initial payment and a portion of the revenues generated by the trees, which the company manages on behalf of the customers.

The timber harvested for wood production will mainly be exported, while the leaves and branches will be collected and used for animal feed and bioethanol production, respectively.

Shareholders of the company expect dividend returns as well as value appreciation resulting from the high profitability of managing and developing high-value trees due to global trends such as:

  • Continuous increase in global demand for timber.
  • Carbon emission trading.
  • The exponential global trend surrounding climate awareness and ESG, which has become a significant factor in companies’ decision-making worldwide.

Mr. Angelos Zois, the CEO of the company, states:

“Today, following our listing approval on the Cyprus Stock Exchange, marks a milestone for ProsperTree Plc and its investment and business journey. As a listed company, we will provide transparency and the opportunity for participation to shareholders from the broader investment community.

Investing in the utilization of timber plantations and their by-products is now available to everyone. Acquiring shares of our company through the stock exchange offers each shareholder the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our success and participate in the value we create.”

Regarding the completion of the listing on the Stock Exchange, Mr. Lefteris Kontos, CEO of the investors matchmaking platform and coordinator of the team of experts who implemented the company’s listing, states:

“The initial goal of the company has been achieved! ProsperTree PLC, now being a listed company, will provide transparency and the opportunity for participation to the wider investment community through the trading of its stock on the Athens Stock Exchange (Hellenic Exchanges – HELEX) and the OASIS system, which is connected to Greek Stock Market companies, as well as through its international Securities ISIN, enabling local and international institutional investors to invest in the company. The company now has the tools for development, financing, and recognition, which are sufficient to bring value to the company and its shareholders through the implementation of its business plan.”

The trading of securities will be conducted in Euros (€).

The nominal value of the shares is €0.10. The Cyprus Stock Exchange will undertake the maintenance of the register of securities in the Central Depository/Registry of CSE.